Music Fantasy

A while ago I’ve found this music book. It’s a opera about a pirate and it looks very old. After some research I’ve found out that the opera is from 1831. The book however is not. So I didn’t feel quilty to draw on the pages. This is some of the results.



This is Raven. It is a pencil drawing mixed with photoshop 🙂

If you like to know how I ‘ve made this one, take a look at my video’s on YouTube.

Dit is Raven. Getekend met kleurpotlood en bewerkt met photoshop.

Wil je weten hoe dit tot stand is gekomen? Kijk dan naar mijn video’s op YouTube


Graveyard Angel

She is seduced by him. Victim of love? Or victim of lust? You tell me. 😉

Traditional pencil drawing with digital edited background.

Ze is door hem verleid. Slachtoffer van liefde? Of slachtoffer van lust? Jij mag het zeggen. 😉

Traditioneel getekend met potlood en bewerkte digitale achtergrond.