My name is Dinie de Zeeuw and I’m an artist and illustrator. I live in the Netherlands.
Most of the time I paint and draw animal portraits, but none of these will be shown on this blog.
This blog is created for my other work, my fantasy illustrations. I’m a huge fan of elfs, vampires, werewolfs and such. I love the hobbit and Lotr. Bram Stokers Dracula is one of my favorites. I like the Vampire diaries, The Originals and even Buffy the vampire slayer. 😛

Some of my art is fan-art and some of it is fantasy.

Take a look around and let me know what you think.

Mijn naam is Dinie de Zeeuw en ik ben kunstenaar en illustrator. Ik woon in Nederland.

Meestal ben ik bezig met het tekenen en schilderen van dieren maar daar zul je hier op dit blog niets van terug zien. Ik heb dit blog aangemaakt voor mijn andere werken, mijn fantasy art en illustraties. Ik ben een groot fan van elven, vampiers, weerwolven en dergelijke. Ik vind de Hobbit en Lotr helemaal geweldig. Maar mijn favoriete film is eigenlijk nog steeds Bram Stokers Dracula. Verder kijk ik graag Vampire diaries, the Originals, en zelfs Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sommige van mijn werken zijn fan-art en andere fantasie.

Neem gerust een kijkje en laat me weten wat je er van vindt.


Start of an adventure!


An old book, found on one of the largest antiques market in Belgium, brought us to a special world full of special creatures. Beings like Kilian. But also a composer and a pirate. We are busy capturing the story in text and drawings, because that was the book’s mission. We will keep you informed. Don’t miss it.

Dinie and Ronald



Fallen Angels

Impermanence is caused by sin.


The man loses his life, the angel her soul, and with it her ability to return to heaven.

The snake, the great seducer, is the only winner. He evolves into a serpent and hopes one day as a dragon to become ruler of the sky.

Size: A3, mixed media (copics, fineliners, color pencils, graphite pencil


Inktober 2019


This year I’ll join the inktober challenge for the first time. It will be hard to draw a illustration every day but heey, therefor it’s called a challenge!

Rascal is going to be my starplayer in all of this and you can follow my progress during the month October on instagram.


Dutch Comic Con 2019


Save the date! On March 23rd & 24th 2019 Jaarbeurs Utrecht transforms into the biggest Comic Con of the Netherlands. 

Do you like comics, manga, cosplay, gaming & esports? Are you a fan of movies and series, or perhaps a avid boardgame fanatic? Dutch Comic Con has it all and much, much more! Be prepared for an amazing weekend filled with entertainment, special guests, workshops, great experiences and meet up with new friends who share your passion! Are you looking forward to the next edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con? 

I’ll be present for the weekend and I’ll join the nice people of Het Stripschap. Hope to meet and Greet.

More info you can find here


Kindred spirits


I’ve finished my fantasy art called “kindred spirits” and it’s already been sold. I’ve decided to make limited edition prints. There will be only 10 prints available. A4, 180gr paper. 15 euro. This is not included shipping costs.  For now only shipped in the EU.
Interested? Let me know. (price does not include shipping costs)


Music Fantasy

Demons, Uncategorized

A while ago I’ve found this music book. It’s a opera about a pirate and it looks very old. After some research I’ve found out that the opera is from 1831. The book however is not. So I didn’t feel quilty to draw on the pages. This is some of the results.